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Queer Pressure is a DIY collective of queer-identifying people who seek to promote queer art/artists/concerts/performers/djs/parties/and more.

We are explicitly political and began as an underground collaboration between Sarah Akawa (Saint Saunter) and Joey Bee (DJ Boyfrrriend) seeking to curate a better nightlife community for queer people in Madison, WI.

We seek to push the boundaries of homonormativity and create events for and by queer people.

Events hosted by Queer Pressure are political and intentional spaces for members of the LGBTQ+ community guided by ethics: predatory behavior is not tolerated, racism/classism is actively opposed, all gender expressions are welcomed & affirmed, venues are wheelchair accessible, your feedback/suggestions are welcome.

Events held with support by Queer Pressure encourage safe(r) space practices including wheelchair accessibility, gender neutral bathrooms, and leadership by queer people in the planning and development of events.